Self-Defense in Florida

The Panhandle Chapter of the Florida League of the South appreciates Florida Sheriffs who uphold the natural right for a man, or woman, to defend life and property against intruders, would-be thieves, robbers, rapists and other criminals.

In Spite of Congressional Lies, the Great Replacement is Real

Now House Democrats are shrilly denouncing the so-called “Great Replacement” program as a “conspiracy theory” and have responded by attempting to legislate thought by making a provision to a recent gun control bill condemning the idea. From the New York Times, June 8, 2022, by Catie Edmondson: House Democrats dared Republicans to oppose a measure condemning white supremacy.… Read More »

Florida in the Hands of Thieves

With the magnitude of voter fraud in the most recent federal election, where a handful of Progressive, Democratic and minority-controlled cities can so easily steal an election for a liberal Progressive candidate, the State of Florida will forever be at the mercy of thieves. Communist thieves who will use our industry and labor as the objects of their… Read More »

Free Florida Now!

Millions of Floridians are out of work, especially in the Panhandle where the local economy relies on tourism and small businesses in the service industry. They cannot pay rents, mortgages, or other bills, and are bankrupt or on the verge of bankruptcy. They cannot afford to buy food even if it remains plentiful, and the food lines are… Read More »

Who is really behind Florida mass shootings?

Recently, a Florida legislator has expressed disappointment, even vexation, over the fact that his bill to condemn “white supremacy” and “white nationalism” was reworded in committee to instead condemn “any philosophy that espouses the superiority of one group of people over another.” The bill, SR 214, filed in September of 2019, had only one provision which stated that… Read More »

A Synopsis of some of my observations at the August 10th, 2019 Florida League of the South State Conference in Lake City

Approximately half of the members of the Panhandle Chapter of the FLS attended the conference, so we ourselves were well-represented. Several of our chapter members spent quite some time distributing literature announcing this conference, and there were many announcements in social media as well. Surely members in other chapters were also doing those things. How effective our distribution… Read More »

So is it a Crime to Advocate for White People?

Blacks have advocacy groups, and so do Hispanics, and especially Jews, who have more than we can count. But now certain Florida lawmakers are attempting to outlaw what they call “White Nationalism”, which may be as innocuous as an advocacy group for Whites. How many Florida lawmakers are offended by the NAACP, the ADL or La Raza, that… Read More »