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January 10th is Florida Independence Day

On January 10, 1861, the legislature of the State of Florida convened in the state capital, Tallahassee, and voted to secede from the union of the united States.  Florida then became one of the six original Southern states to form the Confederate States of America. It is time to Free Florida once again from federal tyranny and an… Read More »

A Synopsis of some of my observations at the August 10th, 2019 Florida League of the South State Conference in Lake City

Approximately half of the members of the Panhandle Chapter of the FLS attended the conference, so we ourselves were well-represented. Several of our chapter members spent quite some time distributing literature announcing this conference, and there were many announcements in social media as well. Surely members in other chapters were also doing those things. How effective our distribution… Read More »

Another Reason Why We Need to Secede

Poll shows half of Floridians won’t help the Panhandle A poll for Rebuild 850 found that 50 percent of those surveyed would do nothing to help still struggling residents, while 75 percent said they would not consider monetary donations. Read more at

So is it a Crime to Advocate for White People?

Blacks have advocacy groups, and so do Hispanics, and especially Jews, who have more than we can count. But now certain Florida lawmakers are attempting to outlaw what they call “White Nationalism”, which may be as innocuous as an advocacy group for Whites. How many Florida lawmakers are offended by the NAACP, the ADL or La Raza, that… Read More »