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    Demonstrating in Tallahassee

    The Florida League of the South demonstrated for Florida State sovereignty in Tallahassee in January, 2018.

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    West Florida Republic

    For nearly 3 months in 1810, the West Florida Republic was free an independent. Then it iwas invaded and unlawfully annexed by the United States federal government.

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Who is really behind Florida mass shootings?

Who is really behind Florida mass shootings?

Recently, a Florida legislator has expressed disappointment, even vexation, over the fact that his bill to condemn “white supremacy” and “white nationalism” was reworded in committee to instead condemn “any philosophy that espouses the superiority of one group of people over another.” The bill, SR 214, filed in September of 2019, had only one provision which stated that “white nationalism and white supremacy are rejected and condemned as hateful expressions of intolerance which contradict the values that define the people of Florida and the United States.” We would, of course, disagree with Rodriguez on the basis that he certainly does not represent all of the people of Florida and the United States. If a democracy moves to exclude or proscribe any particular political, social or religious expression, then it is no longer a democracy, but a tyranny, and Rodriguez is a would-be tyrant.


January 10th is Florida Independence Day

On January 10, 1861, the legislature of the State of Florida convened in the state capital, Tallahassee, and voted to secede from the union of the united States.  Florida then became one of the six original Southern states to form the Confederate States of America.

It is time to Free Florida once again from federal tyranny and an unequal union with an evil government. In God is our trust!


So is it a Crime to Advocate for White People?

So is it a Crime Advocate for White People?

Blacks have advocacy groups, and so do Hispanics, and especially Jews, who have more than we can count. But now certain Florida lawmakers are attempting to outlaw what they call "White Nationalism", which may be as innocuous as an advocacy group for Whites. How many Florida lawmakers are offended by the NAACP, the ADL or La Raza, that they should also be outlawed?

Anna Eskamani, the initiator of HR 51: White Nationalism and White Supremacy, is not White, which should be no surprise. So perhaps her attempt to outlaw White advocacy groups actually makes her anti-White. Not that we care, but we only want to elucidate the truth behind what is going on in American politics today. Neither are co-introducers Dotie Joseph, Cindy Polo and Carlos Smith.

Three other co-introducers to this bill are apparently White and should be ashamed of themselves for their hypocrisy. These are Michael Grieco, Evan Jenne, and Tina Polsky.

This is not an attack on evil people. This is an attack on White identity in Florida, and in the South. We must stand against those who attempt to shame us merely for being White and for wanting to preserve our own race and culture. 

We urge you to use the links supplied above, contact these representatives, and voice opposition to HR51.

Virtue Signalling the Loss of Liberty

A recent article at mysuncoast.com has proclaimed that Florida leaders move to condemn white nationalism. In part it reads:

Florida legislators are moving to officially condemn white nationalism, with Democrats and Republicans alike drafting resolutions against hate-spurred violence, but the unity could be short-lived as elected officials plunge into debates over how the government should intervene to prevent more mass killings and rein in white supremacists.

The condemnations come amid an outcry over a mass shooting in El Paso, Texas, in which authorities believe the gunman posted a racist screed online shortly before the attack.

Following the shooting, Florida Senate President Bill Galvano, a Republican, called the violence "an all-to-present reminder that we have more work to do," and he called on a legislative committee to review what can be done to address white nationalism.

But the El Paso shooter was not a "White Nationalist", instead he was a part-Hispanic and confused liberal, as his "manifesto" portrays him, whose father, Bryan Crusius, works as a licensed mental health counselor. The media is deliberately portraying Patrick Crusius in a manner so that they may gain political traction in their own crusade against White advocates of White culture and society.

Wasn't the media labeling Donald Trump as a "White Nationalist" early in his presidency? A recent opinion piece in the New York Times certainly made that proclamation. It has also been suggested by The Atlantic, which connected the same El Paso shooting case.

Will a majority Democrat State legislature and governor use red flag laws to take guns away from Republicans in the future? When rights are politicized, the only possible result is tyranny, and this path we may have already trodden to far along to return. 

A Synopsis of some of my observations at the August 10th, 2019 Florida League of the South State Conference in Lake City.

Approximately half of the members of the Panhandle Chapter of the FLS attended the conference, so we ourselves were well-represented. Several of our chapter members spent quite some time distributing literature announcing this conference, and there were many announcements in social media as well. Surely members in other chapters were also doing those things. How effective our distribution methods were is difficult to tell, but it was not apparent that any of the attendees had heard about the conference through pamphlet distributions.

So certain local Florida newspapers picked up the news and created a narrative that the “racists” who were at Charlottesville were meeting in Lake City. This attracted local Antifa and Black Lives Matter degenerates to come and protest our presence, as if our conference had anything to do with them in the first place. They pasted notices all over the windows of local businesses, and the building we had procured for the conference was also vandalized the night before, as well as the vehicle which belonged to the building’s property manage....

What is the Florida League of the South

The Florida League of the South is a Southern nationalist organization whose ultimate goal is a free and independent Florida republic. While political independence ranks highly among our goals, we are also a religious and social movement, advocating a return to a more traditional, conservative Christian-oriented Southern culture.

Most organizations founder because they lack self-definition and a definite goal. To reach our goal, we intend to create the climate for a free Florida among our people by 1) de-legitimating the American Empire at every opportunity; 2) by proving our willingness to be servant-leaders to the Southern people; and 3) by making The Florida League of the South a strong, viable organization that will lead us to Florida’s independence.


The League of the South in Tallahassee, January 27th 2018

The League of the South had held a few events since Shelbyville, perhaps a social occasion or two and some participation in a few smaller demonstrations, but nothing major and nothing that we had the opportunity for which to participate. So for several weeks we looked forward to the planned Florida State Sovereignty rally in Tallahassee. Even better, this one was so close to home that we only had to visit a gas station once all weekend.

We spent a few hours Tuesday and Wednesday cruising the websites of Antifa and other Leftist organizations, and found not one mention of the League’s rally plans at the Old Florida State Capitol building at the intersection of South Monroe Street and the Apalachee Parkway. Not until Thursday did we hear that the Jewish agitators at the SPLC had made a notice of our rally on their website. But even more insipid than their articles, which are always written in a manner so as to cause alarm and encourage donations, are the uninspired comments made by an army of barely-literate Marxists.

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